A River Flowing Into a Basin

The map at left shows the Amargosa River as it flows from its headwaters north of Beatty, Nevada ( above 4,000-feet elevation in Pahute Mesa in the Nevada Test and Training Range), south into California where the river makes a U-turn and drains into the deep sediments at Badwater in Death Valley below seas level.

The Amargosa River as it flows through Oasis Valley, Nevada, 3,600 feet elevation.

Alkaline meadows along the Amargosa River, Oasis Valley.

Honey mesquite beans.

Screwbean mesquite leaves.

Winter flash floods make the Amargosa River flow wider and farther above-ground.

Carbonate aquifer filters "fossil water" from the last Ice Age from northeastern Nevada towards the Amargosa River Basin, where it emerges from the ground in springs.

Spring-fed stock pond along the upper Amargosa River. Pahute Mesa in the distance.

Amargosa River flowing in winter, Oasis Valley.

Fremont cottonwood in winter.

Amargosa River flowing through Oasis Valley, Nevada, creating river meadows.

Winter storm flash flood of the river near Tecopa, California. Please be very careful and do not drive across these floodwaters, they can be strong and carry rocks!

Amargosa Canyon, near Tecopa, California. A designated Wild and Scenic River.

Amargosa River flowing near Dumont Dunes, California, after a storm. This reach is often dry, flowing undergound.

Badwater Basin in Death Valley. the terminus of the Amargosa River.