Summer thunderstorm in Oasis Valley.

Mountain bike, trail running, and hiking trails at Trails-OV -

Trails -OV is a subsidiary of STORM-OV (Saving Toads thru Off-road racing, Ranching and Mining in Oasis Valley), a long standing conservation minded group interested in balancing recreation and conservation.

STORM-OV has now launched the Oasis Valley Recreation Enhancement Project, a plan to create a massive trails project focused on enjoyment recreation and events for mountain biking, trail running, equestrian use and rock climbing in the Oasis Valley area of Southern Nevada.

Fremont cottonwood, Oasis Valley.

Winter snow on the Bare Mountains, seen from Oasis Valley.

Snowfall, Oasis Valley.

Cottonwood riparian grove, Oasis Valley.

Spring in Oasis Valley.

Water is life: spring flowing in Oasis Valley.

Amargosa toad tadpoles.

Juvenile Amargosa toad. This species is only found in the upper Amargosa River and springs in Oasis Valley and Beatty, Nevada.

Fish in the desert: native Oasis Valley speckled dace inhabit the springs.

Blue-eyed darner dragonfly.

Rabbitbrush flowers and old ranch fence, Oasis Valley.

Lush meadows and willow-cottonwood riparian groves, Oasis Valley.

Marshes and hills, Torrance Ranch Preserve, Oasis Valley.

Flowering yerba mansa (Anemopsis californica) in May, Oasis Valley wetlands along the upper Amargosa River.

Foxtail barley (Hordeum jubatum), a native perennial grass in wetlands of Oasis Valley.

Saltgrass meadow, Oasis Valley.

Screwbean mequite at sunrise, Oasis Valley.

Goldenrod, Oasis Valley wetlands.

Jimsonweed flower, Oasis Valley.

Screwbean mesquite leaves and pods, Oasis Valley.

Honey mesquite flowers, Oasis Valley.

Fremont cottonwood leaves in fall turning yellow, Oasis Valley.

Rainbow over Oasis Valley.

Boardwalk at Torrance Ranch Preserve in Oasis Valley. A good place to birdwatch.

Oasis Valley riparian groves and wetlands.

Alkaline meadows at sunset, Oasis Valley.