Exchange Club revamp under construction, Beatty, Nevada.

The Exchange Club Hotel and Casino under reconstruction, main street Beatty.

Metalwork art on the new Exchange Club, under construction. Stay tuned!

Gateway to Death Valley entrance art on the west side of Beatty.

"Shorty" Harris prospecting in the Death Valley region.

Beatty, Nevada

History of ranching, farming, mining is important here.

Downtown Beatty.

Visitors welcome. Information kiosk next to the Amargosa River which flows through town.

Burros roam the Bullfrog Hills next to Beatty.

Baby burro: photographs are fine, please do not approach or touch these wild animals, and definitely do not feed them--this can make them sick and die. Drive slowly and follow speed limits in town.

Visitor information about Beatty, Rhyolite, and the desert.

Classic car in in the Beatty Days October parade.

October Beatty Days parade down the main highway.

Old fire engine at the Beatty Days parade.

"The Runaway Bride" winns the horse rider parade award.

The Atomic Inn float: aliens. (Area 51 is rumored to not be far to the east.... )

Stagecoach float in the parade.

4x4 club in the parade in October with a nod to Halloween.

Mountain bike club in the Beatty Days Parade.

Muscle car: Mercury Cougar at the Classic Car Show, Beatty Days.

Beatty Days Classic Car Show in the park.

Classic pickup truck.

Classic tractor show at Beatty Days.

Metalwork on the Exchange Club remake.